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Gray & Son

Painters & Decorators

Hi, my names Peter Gray and i'm a painter and decorator. I was born in Fulham, and have lived here all my life. I was taught by a guy from New Jersey USA back in 1978, and he was a great teacher in more ways than one. He taught me the craft and also how to deal with clients, thats you by the way i hope!. His moto which still makes me laugh when i think about it, was " Time is money", time is money typical yank, but i still love him. He went back to the US in 1990 and i've been on my own since, that is until my son teamed up with me in 2005. I've taught him in the same way i was taught, he's learnt well for the last six years and now he is twenty one he knows everything, well if your a parent with a twenty one year old son then you know what i mean ( Just joking Carl!). The main thing is we aim to please, and we deliver a good service both with quality of work and also the communication with our clients. So go ahead and make that call, or just email and we will respond immediately and come and give you a free quote.

Yours Sincerely


  • Wallpaer Hanging
  • Interior
  • Exterior
  • Varnishing
  • Quality finishing